The project

Open UAV Project, electronically, shares information about unmanned fixed wing airplane with everyone interested in improving their knowledge or constructing one for themselves.
The information to be shared includes blueprints, (know-how about) materials, building tips and best practices.
The main airframe construction files are published under CC0 terms.

We have sucessfully built and maidened Version 1.0 of the airframe. We are looking for partners for refining the craft further.

Design process

Open UAV project goal is a gasoline powered fixed wing pusher aircraft with a maximum takeoff weight of 25kg.
Different designs for components allow maximum versatility.
Design goal is to have maximally interchangeable components between different design versions. Designs should be a life size LEGO set where operators can reconfigure and swap out and choose components most suitable for the current mission.
Modularity also helps to contain engineering challenges from echoing from one part to all the components of the aircraft.

We believe it is not aerodynamics and expensive materials that makes airplanes fly.
It is the obsession with flight and perseverance to make it happen.

Wright Flyer by John T. Daniels is licensed under Public domain

Open UAV Version 1.0 design is heavily inspired by RQ-2 Pioneer.
V1.0 uses an electric motor for testing purposes and had 25kg takeoff weight.
The construction of the first airframe was completed and a successful maiden flight performed in June 2021.

General design principles:

  • High-wing
  • Twin tail-boom pusher design
  • Easy assembly and must fit inside a van
  • Landing gear for takeoffs and landings
  • Low wing loading
  • Spacious for different payloads
  • Easy to build
  • Easy and cheap to maintain
  • H-tail (for version 1.0)


  • Wing Span 3.5m
  • Wing Area ~1.23m2
  • Ceiling: 2000m
  • Engine: 2.9kW+
  • Stall speed 14 m/s
  • Cruise speed 20 m/s.

Aviation is the branch of engineering that is least forgiving of mistakes.

Freeman Dyson

I think it is a pity to lose the romantic side of flying and simply to accept it as a common means of transport...

Amy Johnson

Aviation is proof that given, the will, we have the capacity to achieve the impossible.

Eddie Rickenbacker