We believe in the future of unmanned aviation. To get there new tools are needed.

The mission of Open UAV is to develop tools with educational institutions for unmanned aviation research and application.


Open UAV project shares materials for people either to contribute to the technical design or to build and fly their own unmanned aircraft.

We start by designing a fixed-wing aircraft for both, UAV design and applications research.


This project aims to provide input to countless group projects, thesis topics, and research, in a wide range of fields.
We are interested in involving students in projects by enabling them to work and achieve tangible outcomes. Students can analyze a sub-subject area, or solve a problem and, thus, students can have an impact on the project at large.


Our first iteration will be crude and boxy. It's not a bug, it's a feature. Not only because it is documented but because it is like this by design.
It means that is very easy for collaborators to step in and fill the gaps with creative energy.